Annual fishing trip to lake Winnibigosh


Fishing Trip Review

For those of us on the trip this year, we all know the fishing was slower than usual.  But we battled through it and still had fun on the trip.  We celebrated Mike’s 50th birthday (see previous post) on Saturday and on Monday night we celebrated Duane’s and Gene’s 60th birthdays. Thank you to those of you bringing up and cooking dinners as they were all great.

Below are the final 2011 stats.

2011 Fish Count

Congrats go out to the big fish winner for the week… Duane’s 25 3/4 inch walleye.  Nicely done Duane.

Duane's Walleye









Also lil Duane caught his first Muskie that was just over 30 inches long.  Nicely done (sorry, I do not have a pic.)

More pics to come soon.





Day 1 of the Trip

Colddddd!  Temps in low 50’s and the walleye bite was extremely slow.  All 8 boats were on the water by 2:30pm.  About a dozen walleye were caught today.  After dinner we celebrated Mike’s 50th Birthday.  See picture link in upper righthand corner.


Best Quotes from Prior Trips

Rick, on the fishing contest: “Never be the first liar.”

Woody, an observation: “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.”

Woody: “Don’t leave a beer unattended.”

Scott, on walleye fishin: “When in doubt, let it out.”

Scott, on marriage: “A woman knows where the money goes.”

On Fishing: “Fishing isn’t everything, it much more than that.”

On Poker: “To Fritz or not to Fritz, that is the question.”

Brad, on leaving Williams Narrows Resort: “I feel like I’ve been gut-hooked.”

Dick, on arriving at Williams Narrows Resort: “I feel like the clean end of a turd.”

Harlan, on fishing: “Don’t leave fish to find fish.”

Woody, while bringing in his 3rd 20+inch walleye in 15 minutes: “Geez, aren’t there any small ones in here.”

Scott, attempting to spread the fishing wealth: “I am the fishing Czar.”

On society: ” Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will sit in the boat and drink beer all day.”

The days are counting down!

The days are counting down guys and we are almost there. Per Duane’s prescription, “A daily shot of blackberry beginning 10 days ahead of time(September 7th), inhaling a little smoke (either from Mercury’s, cigs, or the campfire), not getting enough sleep, waking to the smell of sausages, and strengthening one’s jigging arm (use your imaginations) seems to be in order.”

See you soon,